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Opakowanie Jugo - czerwone jablka
Opakowanie Jugo - czerwone jablka

The tradition of growing apple trees in Poland dates back to the 16th century. Infrastructure necessary for professional production of apples evolved over the centuries. Long history of growing of this fruit in the region of Grojec contributed to the exquisite taste of this fruit, which has been proven by numerous records of scientists and clergymen.

Being proud of the unique heritage of our land, we have created a recipe of Magdalene juice based merely on the variety of apples coming from this region. They distinguish themselves by full colouring, higher acidity and greater amount of antioxidants. All these contribute to unique taste and health benefits of Magdalene juice.

Magdalene juice redefines the approach towards production of apple juice. Our manufacturing process is based on direct squeezing of whole apples, without adding the concentrate, sugar or water. The only interference into the perfection of nature is the process of pasteurisation in the low temperature, which results in the maintenance of all nutritious and flavour values by Magdalane juice.

Magdalene juice, in our opinion, it fully reflects the philosophy of the brand and of the product – 100% of natural apple juice and nothing more.

Technology Proces technologiczny

Selected varieties of apples are mechanically washed using crystal clear water and high pressure. This process ensures washing off all kinds of dirt.

Washed apples are thoroughly sorted in order to maintain the highest quality of juice. We do not use apples destined for the processing industry in our production.

Selected apples are crushed, which lets us squeeze juice in an optimal way.

Crushed apples are transported to the high pressure press, which gives us juice rich in nutritious elements and wonderful taste.

In the process of filtration we remove all redundant solid elements and gain naturally dense apples juice. We do not know words like “clarification” or “enzymatic processing” used in production of typical concentrate juice.

In order to retain freshness for a long time, our juice is only pasteurised in low temperatures, which ensures preserving all nutritious values and exceptional taste of apples from Grojec.

After the process of pasteurisation, apple juice is changed into unique Magdalene juice packed in the bag-in-box system. Juice goes to hermetically sealed polymeric bag with a special tap, which ensures freshness of the product up to 14 days after opening and up to 8 months on the shopping shelf. Our effort is topped off with an attractive carton packaging.

Magdalene juice packaging is transported to large-format cold store in order to provide optimal storing of the product until it appears on the shelf in your shop.

Natural apple Magdalene juice (NFC*)

Magdalene juice is PREMIUM class juice squeezed from ripe, selected varieties of Polish apples from the region of Grojec (36 apples = 3l of juice) without the addition of concentrate, water or sugar, without enzymatic processing or clarification. As a result, we get natural juice that undergoes only the process of pasteurisation in low temperature, which makes it retain rich aroma and natural colour of the product.

Carefully prepared composition of flavours and the highest quality of the product is the flagship of Magdalene brand.

* Not From Concentrate

Magdalene juice is packed in the bag-in-box system (hermetically sealed polymeric bag with a tap in a carton box), 3l capacity, retaining the freshness of the product up to 14 days after opening and up to 8 months on the shopping shelf.

Wizualizacja opakowania

Magdalene juice offers two variants of 100% apple juice:

red apple juice (sweet taste)


green apple juice (sour taste)

In comparison with traditional juices (from the concentrate) Magdalene juice distinguishes itself by nutritious and health values. Retained pectins and polyphenols lower the level of cholesterol in blood.

Apple is an everyday wonderful source of health and necessary nutritious elements. It contains vitamin C, beta-Carotene, iron, sodium and considerable amount of minerals, pectins and malic acid. Elements that are in apples cause lowered concentration of cholesterol in blood, lowered risk of ischaemic heart disease, stroke, prostate cancer, diabetes and asthma.

It turns out that the colour of apple is also meaningful:

  • green apple strengthens bones and teeth, it has beneficial influence on eyesight and supports anti-cancer influence
  • red apple has positive impact on heart and retaining good memory, it helps keep healthy urinary system

Let’s remember about that while drinking one glass of natural apple JuGo juice directly squeezed from selected varieties of Polish apples. Magdalene juice means exceptional taste and everyday health for you.

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